Training and consultancy

I have extensive experience working with primary and secondary schools, GPs, primary care, youth and public-sector services, offering training and advice in relation to sexual wellbeing including:

  • Supporting young people’s sexual and emotional wellbeing

  • the impact of family, social, socio-economic and psychological factors on sexual and emotional wellbeing

  • the psychological impact of stigma, and the process of internalising stigma

  • understanding the motivations for, and psychological impact of, chemsex (using drugs for sex)

  • using Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a therapeutic technique to support healthy behaviour change

  • ways in which services and individuals can promote equality

  • setting up in-house sexual health provision.

I have written Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curricula which include lesson plans on pornography, sexual pleasure, consent, assertiveness, healthy relationships, dealing with pressure on and offline, sexual orientation and gender fluidity and feelings towards the self.

I can provide bespoke training packages on any of the above.

I am part of the SRE collective delivering Relationships and Sex Education in schools.